Our Services

Technology Information  Management , Organization & Implementation.

Companies need full scale IT support  for everything from Network design and implementation to Computer Repair, Employee Training, Database Design and Implementation, Technology Hardware/Software recommendations. We will become your IT Department.  Companies today have many different usernames and passwords for email, internet service providers, and website hosts. The problem is they don’t access this information enough on a regular  basis and when the time comes they don’t know where to find it. We consult with you and organize all your technology information in to one source. We create a comprehensive  technology information file you can reference when needed, kept onsite at your company.

Email Account Administration & Management

We manage your company email accounts. When you hire a new employee, we create an email account for them on your hosted server. If an employee leaves, the account is still on the company’s hosted server. Everything stays with the company. Don’t make the mistake of using a free online email service for your business. Companies historically have had problems accessing this type of email after an employee leaves. A disgruntled employee can change the password or delete email. This leaves the company vulnerable.

Acceptable Use Policy Drafting

Due to the diversity of every company no two acceptable use policies are alike. We work with you to create a policy that will fit your company’s unique needs.

Onsite/Offsite Data Backup and Planning Solutions

Data backup is vital.  We can help design both onsite and offsite solutions. We help you create and deploy a strategy that works for your company.

Website Design and Online Presence Consultation and Management

We offer full Website Design Service from beginning to completion. We also offer Online Presence management and social media presence consultation. We will assist you in making your online presence the best it can be.